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Relationship Recovery Coaching for Individuals
How to find Happiness and Life Direction Coaching

Welcome & Congratulations!

You’ve taken the first step towards designing the life you wish to lead. It can be a big leap to finally decide your happiness and well-being are worth investing in. I have been in your shoes, and I have learned firsthand what works and what doesn’t. My life experiences, specialized training and individual attention are here for you.

​The ideology behind Empowered Minds Life Coaching was born from my own personal “relationship” story and my becoming a certified life coach with the Certified Coaches Federation. I am here to help both men and women, to recover & heal from heartbreak, betrayal, abuse & toxic relationships through education, establishing boundaries and learning to listen to your intuition while developing self acceptance and self worth. I also work with individuals who are struggling to find happiness and are not sure which direction to start the focus. People who are looking for life direction.

After recovering from my own personal trauma and toxic relationships, following years of research, education, and resourcing, I now hold the keys to empower women and men in these particular areas. I am here to serve you in the capacity you feel best, and comfortable with. You must follow your own intuition.

Life Coaching is Not Counselling​

Life coaching takes you from where you are to where you want to be. It does not dwell on the past. It does not address mental illness. It acknowledges significant life events, but moves through them and focuses on the life you want to create today, aligned with your greatest passions, hopes, dreams, and desires.

At the beginning of a series, we discover and set truly heart‐centered goals, then during our bi-weekly session we set clear actions in which you invest in over the next two weeks. As your coach, I provide expert, structured support every step of the way, encouraging, empowering, and nurturing you on your journey. As a coach it is my job to be your number-one supporter. I will support, celebrate, encourage and guide you on your journey. With my support and guidance, you will awaken your inner self, listen to your inner truth, and live the life for which you have always deserved.

I am there with you every step of the way, guiding you, holding you accountable for your highest self, empowering you with effective goals and action steps that keep you moving forward so you that you can rise up and begin living the life you wish to live!

​In reality, one-off sessions alone do not allow for real change and lasting results. Because I want you to truly succeed, series are organized into groups of 6 conducted bi-weekly.

This model provides the format to create inspiring goals, and the action steps towards accomplishing them. Each series completes with a vision for the future where you celebrate your success.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask…

Do You Feel…..

  • The desire to live a fuller life?
  • A longing to rediscover that vibrant, fun, passionate person you once were?
  • Like you can’t move past the triggers of your past and your inner mean girl (or boy)?
  • Like you keep getting back into the same kinds of relationships?
  • Compelled to rescue the world, at the expense of your own well-being?
  • Like you want to be brave?
  • Like you deserve to be seen and heard?
  • That if you were “perfect” you would be enough?
  • A longing for real direction?
  • The craving to feel alive and connected again?
  • Like you forgot what it’s like to have joy?

Are You…

  • Post-trauma, ready to rebuild and RULE your life?
  • Ready to stop blaming and to start owning and living your best life so that you are your best self?
  • Struggling with a toxic relationship with yourself: low self-esteem, negative thinking patterns, or a lost sense of self?

If So, you are an excellent candidate for a Life Coach, and you will learn to…

  • Rise above your circumstances 
  • Say NO to being a victim of your past 
  • Move through grief and loss
  • Avoid toxic relationships
  • Transform negative beliefs
  • Restore your healthy body image and self-love
  • Set healthy boundaries

My Gift to You

A complimentary self-discovery questionnaire and a 30 minute consultation via Skype, Facetime, or telephone.

Please contact me to book!

Upon completion of your complimentary session, you will then have the option to choose from the following packages that I have personally designed for you.

How Can Life Coaching Help You?